About us

The Story

I’d like to tell you a story. It’s about WHY we do, what we do, and why we’d like to help YOU achieve being fit and shape your body in a perfect way. I (Ivo) used to act as a model in NYC and I had to take care of my body in a particular importance. Efficiency and shortage of time were my drivers to discover the best and healthiest workout to keep the pace up. My initial motivation was, to create a stunning workout for sportswomen and sportsmen like I am. By exploring the entire fitness world in the US and Europe, plus my studies of sports science I got on the track for the perfect workout.

The Way to Shaped by iB
Back in Vienna, I started to realize the big chance of a great fitness experience. I called my best mates, Chris, who just finished his master’s in Sports management in the US, and Tom, a professional soccer player, and together we developed the hardest and most efficient workout in town and founded our fitness start-up. We hired a unique and urban studio on a ship (Badeschiff Wien), bought state-of-the-art treadmills from Woodway, hang up unmatched punching water bags, and day by day we motivate our athletes with powerful beats and drills – SHAPED BY iB was born. Over the past 5 years, we were passionate about working with numerous athletes to develop an outstanding and sustainable workout for real fitness fanatics. We finally created one of the most innovative workouts and we managed, that you are able to burn up to 1000 kcal in less than an hour.

The reason we wanted to share this story with you is that we want you to know us. We want you to get a glimpse of our passion, our motivation, and our endless innovative capacity for your well-being. But never forget, sometimes you will hate your coach during the training, but after the class and particularly the next day you will embrace him or her.