Embrace the graceful movements of our Lagree-inspired class. Experience a fusion of fluid sequences, muscle toning, and flexibility & endurance exercises in this transformative session. Are you ready to sculpt, strengthen, and find balance in every move?

Original Workout

The first of many sprints – Our running-inspired HIIT combines treadmill intervals & strength conditioning in order to form your body into perfection. A workout for those who want to push themselves beyond levels they only dreamed of achieving?
Are you ready to run it out?


Step into the Ring – Our boxing-inspired HIIT combines boxing intervals, strength, and treadmill runs into one 50min class. During the workout, you will get the chance to unleash your inner Ali on our water-filled aqua bags. Are you ready to battle it out?

Corporate Bookings

Interested in bringing your whole crew (up to 20 people) for an exclusive private event or group booking? Well, we are surely in! You pick the time, your coach and we will make it happen! Because one thing is for sure, workers who fly on the treadmill together will definitely have more success in the board room.

You want the whole room to yourselves?

Invite your friends and celebrate your birthday in one of the most exclusive settings and have the best time of your lives. Again, we will organize the best workout and the best birthday cake as well.

Stay in the shape zone. Stay in the shape zone. Stay in the shape zone.

Stay in the shape zone. Stay in the shape zone. Stay in the shape zone.

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