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Original Workout

The first of many sprints – Unser Workout ist ein vom Laufen inspiriertes Hoch Intensives Intervall Training (HIIT). Es kombiniert Intervalle auf dem Laufband und funktionelles Krafttraining, um deinen Körper in Perfektion zu formen. Ein Training für alle, die ein Level erreichen wollen, von dem sie immer nur geträumt haben. Are you ready to run it out?

Flow. Tone. Shape. Spüre die eleganten Bewegungen unseres Lagree-inspirierten Kurses, wo achtsame Bewegung auf die Wissenschaft der Formung eines widerstandsfähigen Körpers trifft. Durchströme Flows, die dein Bewusstsein für Bewegungsmuster vertiefen, während eine harmonische Verbindung von Geist und Körper entsteht.

Ready to sculpt, strengthen, and find balance in every move?

Stay in the shape zone. Stay in the shape zone. Stay in the shape zone.

Stay in the shape zone. Stay in the shape zone. Stay in the shape zone.

Die Coaches

Coach Ivo

I've created this workout, it is in my DNA and I will show it in every minute of a class!

Coach Chris

Join my classes, where fitness meets delight, passion, and craziness

Coach Bibi

You think, I hit like a girl?

Coach Paris

Coach Laylah

Coach Fabian

Coach Tom

Don't be mistaken about my good-natured appearance. Trust me: you have to push the envelope!

Coach Tabi

Coach Patrick

We will move as one, and push as a team!

Coach Andi

Yesterday you said tomorrow!

Coach Hanna

If you’re able to train with a straight face, you’re not training hard enough.

Coach Tanja

On good days work out - on bad days work out harder!

Coach Ari

Keep your squats low and your dreams high!

Coach Flora

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Coach Max

Go one more!

Coach Mike

Always stay positive and make the best out of your journey!

Coach Michi

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone!

Coach Rose

Be stronger than your excuses.

Coach Anschi

I motivate and inspire people to reach their peak performance and embrace their joy of sports through music, exercises, and my own passion for sports.

Coach Kathi

You are capable of more than you ever imagined - just break limits.

BY iB.

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